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Man Ignored by Customers During Failed Robbery Attempt at Atlanta Nail Salon

The Atlanta Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a man who experienced utter disregard from customers while attempting to rob a nail salon on July 3.

Surveillance footage captured the man entering Nail First, an Atlanta-based nail salon, with his hand concealed inside a bag, giving the impression that he may be carrying a weapon. The video, shared by Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta, shows the man immediately demanding everyone to get down and hand over their money.

While one patron cautiously stands with her hands slightly raised, the rest of the customers remain seated, silently observing the situation. The frustrated robber then approaches the standing patron and takes her phone from her hand, allowing her to step outside and wait by the store’s entrance.

To the man’s astonishment, the remaining customers and even an Asian man behind the counter continue to ignore his demands. The robber’s increasingly perplexed and exasperated demeanor is evident as he stands in the middle of the salon. Eventually, he exits the premises and casually asks the woman outside if she has any money, to which she responds negatively.

Additional information reveals that detectives were able to recover the woman’s phone, and witnesses described the robber as wearing a blue hat, sunglasses, and blue jeans. He fled the scene in a silver sedan. The Atlanta Police Department is actively investigating the incident.

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