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17 Designs Fail That Will Leave You Speechless! Unbelievable

Get ready to be shocked and amazed by these 17 incredibly awful designs that will leave you completely speechless! From terrible colors to awful layouts, these monstrosities are hard to believe. It’s unbelievable that anyone actually approved these disasters. Prepare yourself for a journey through the worst design fails you can imagine. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening experience of the worst designs ever!

1. The reality for a Fitness centre?

2. The Logo That Plays Tricks on Customers’ Vision!

3. Mate, I don’t think that’s a seagull..

4. One Every Born Minute

5. I’m so confused by this drinking glass…

6. Restaurant in Chicago

7. This isn’t how you play tennis…

8. I wonder if this is a crappy design or just the designer wanted to cut someone finger off by placing the power switch behind the fan blade

9. Stupid Bins… Don’t you hate it?

10. Crapes not grapes

11. This curved sliding bathroom door lets you see, hear and smell everything from the outside

12. Our ‘African Animal’ blanket cover has a kangaroo on it and the sizes are.. questionable

13. You can now poop while showering

14. Every you give zoom more idea?

15. This map is so badly made they couldnt even change the color of russia and kazakhstan

16. Crappy misleading pie chart

17. Two columns have an extra letter

Alan Liew
Alan Liew
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