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Kylie Gates: The Heartbeat and Hero of the Forest Lake Community

Kylie Gates is not just a resident of Forest Lake; she is a force of community spirit and improvement. Living in the area for over a decade and raising her two sons with her husband,  Kylie has dedicated herself to fostering a sense of belonging and support throughout Forest Lake. Her career has spanned various roles, from sales to Operations and Administration at a local RSL Sub-Branch, and her current position as Community Fundraising Manager at Youngcare, all underscoring her commitment to assisting those in need.

The roots of Kylie’s community involvement trace back to her youth in Darra, where she saw the positive impact of her mother’s participation in the P&C. This inspired Kylie to dive into similar roles, contributing significantly as the secretary at the Grand Avenue State School P&C and as the Vice-President at Forest Lake State High School’s P&C. Here, she has been instrumental in making decisions that enrich student, parent, and carer experiences.

But Kylie’s vision for her community goes beyond educational support. She is the proud founder and coordinator of the Forest Lake Community Festival, an event that has quickly become a cornerstone of community gathering and celebration. Along with the Forest Lake Show and Shine car show and the upcoming community clean up, Kylie’s initiatives are vibrant examples of her passion for bringing people together. These events, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, have offered crucial mental and financial relief to residents, echoing Kylie’s resolve to act and make a difference.

Forest Lake Community Festival Fireworks Credit: Carl Miller

As for the future, Kylie’s plans for Forest Lake and surrounding areas are expansive. She is actively advocating for initiatives like approved pest fishing to combat illegal activities, addressing safety concerns at local intersections, and ensuring that Forest Lake voices are heard. Her proactive stance is about creating a balanced approach to growth and preservation, always with the community’s voice at the forefront.

Kylie’s journey is a testament to the power of community involvement. From enhancing the educational environment for local students to spearheading major community events, her work is a beacon of what it means to be dedicated to one’s community. As Forest Lake looks forward, Kylie’s ongoing projects and her vision for the area’s future are indicative of her deep commitment to its well-being and prosperity.

Alan Liew having a Q&A with Kylie Gates at Forest Lake

Kylie Gates represents the very essence of community leadership. Through her endeavours, she highlights the significant role individuals can play in shaping their communities for the better. Her story is an inspiration, demonstrating that with passion, commitment, and a vision for improvement, one person can indeed make a lasting difference.


Who is Kylie Gates?

Kylie is a devoted community leader and mother, living and contributing to the Forest Lake area for over 15 years.

What has Kylie contributed to the Forest Lake community?

Kylie has been involved in school P&Cs, initiated the Forest Lake Community Festival, and spearheaded several community events.

What motivates Kylie to be so involved in her community?

Inspired by her mother’s involvement in P&C, Kylie aims to make a significant impact on the lives of school children and the broader community.

What are some of Kylie’s notable projects?

Besides the Forest Lake Community Festival, Kylie has organized the Show and Shine car show and various community-centered events.

What future plans does Kylie have for Forest Lake?

Kylie is focusing on community-approved pest fishing, solving parking issues, and ensuring responsible development that reflects the community’s values.

What is the significance of the Forest Lake Community Festival?

It’s a yearly event designed to foster community spirit and support among Forest Lake’s diverse residents, especially in post-pandemic recovery.

How does Kylie approach community improvement?

Kylie listens to community feedback and actively seeks solutions to local issues, emphasising environmental care and maintaining the area’s unique character.

How can residents of Forest Lake support Kylie’s initiatives?

By actively participating in her events, providing feedback, and engaging in community improvement discussions.

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  1. Not All Heroes Wear Capes… Kylie Gates done so much to our community. I only recently know that Kylie the the person behind our Forest Community Festival! That is a big “wow” from me. I can’t even imagine how much work and sleepless night she has to go through to make it happen.

    This short video my way for showing thank you and appreciation to this Superwoman Kylie Gates!
    If you have attended Forest Lake Community Festival in the last few years, you can show your appreciation too by commenting and sharing this post.

  2. The Lake News highlights an event organized by Gates, the Forest Lake Community Clean-Up, encouraging residents to contribute to keeping their environment clean and tidy. This event is one of the many examples of how Gates works to bring the community together for collective betterment, finishing with a gesture of gratitude towards the volunteers​.


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