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The Serious Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Your Brain

Many of us struggle to get a full night’s rest, often turning to coffee or energy drinks to combat fatigue. However, sleep deprivation can have far more severe consequences on our bodies than we might realise.

Why Do We Sleep? Sleep is a vital process for survival, benefiting both our physical and mental health. During sleep, our bodies repair and rejuvenate, with human growth hormone aiding muscle growth and tissue repair. The brain processes information collected throughout the day, deciding what to retain and what to discard. Additionally, the brain undergoes physical repairs, with neurons refreshed by two types of glial cells: microglia and astrocytes. Microglia remove worn-out neurons through phagocytosis, while astrocytes maintain synaptic efficiency.

The Consequences of Sleep Deprivation A study in Italy examined mammalian brains during sleep and sleep deprivation. Researchers found that in sleep-deprived brains, glial cells functioned in an elevated and uncontrolled manner. In experiments with four groups of mice—normal sleep, interrupted sleep, sleep deprivation, and chronic sleep deprivation—astrocytes in sleep-deprived mice began devouring synapses instead of rewiring them. This activity was seen in 8.4% of synapses in sleep-deprived brains and 13.5% in chronically sleep-deprived brains, compared to 5.7% in well-rested brains.

While this process can help clean out harmful debris in the short term, long-term uncontrolled microglial activity is linked to degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s. Lack of sleep also increases vulnerability to these illnesses.

Additional Health Issues Beyond brain health, sleep deprivation can lead to memory problems, sore muscles, headaches, irritability, increased risk of diabetes and depression, high blood pressure, frequent illness, and even hallucinations.

Ending Note: Sleep is essential, yet we still don’t fully understand it. While it’s uncertain if more sleep can reverse the effects of deprivation, studies show that sleep disorders are linked to numerous conditions. Ensuring we get enough sleep is more important than ever to protect our health and well-being.

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