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How Justin Summersgill aka “The Cheesecake Man” is Disrupting the Hospitality Industry with his AmazeApp

In the heart of Melbourne, a food revolution is brewing, one that’s set to transform the private dining experience as we know it. At the center of this culinary upheaval is Justin Summersgill, better known to foodies as “The Cheesecake Man”. But Justin’s journey from a passionate home cook in Ballarat to the innovator behind AmazeApp is a story of resilience, innovation and the relentless pursuit of a dream.

Early Beginnings of a Culinary Vision

Born in 1993 in Ballarat, Justin’s earliest memories are shaped by the smells and tastes of his mother Leonie’s cooking. “Cooking was our bonding activity,” Justin reminisces. “She was my first and most influential culinary mentor.” Despite a brief detour into veterinary science, Justin’s heart remained in the kitchen, leading him to House of Anvers in Tasmania, where he honed his skills in commercial cookery and patisserie.

The Cheesecake Man: A Sweet Beginning

After seven fruitful years running his first business, Justin’s path took an unexpected turn. The gruelling hours and low wages of the hospitality industry began to take their toll. “I loved cooking, but the industry was draining that love away,” he admits. This feeling, shared by many chefs, led him to create The Cheesecake Man, an online dessert delivery service, during the lockdown. Despite all odds, the business thrived and was a testament to Justin’s resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.

Platter of desserts by Justin Summersgill aka “The Cheesecake Man”

AmazeApp: Disrupting the Culinary World

But Justin’s vision extended beyond cheesecakes. With the end of lockdowns and a clear need for change in the hospitality industry, he saw an opportunity to help chefs in starting their own private catering business. Enter AmazeApp, an innovative platform designed to connect private chefs with food enthusiasts, offering more than just a meal but a journey into the world of culinary arts.

“Our mission at AmazeApp is to connect people through food,” Justin explains. “It’s about creating experiences, sharing stories, and celebrating the art of cooking.” The app allows users to select chefs based on their culinary style and preferences, ensuring a personalized dining experience that goes beyond simply satisfying hunger — it’s about creating memories.

A Community of Culinary Artists

With over 100 chefs registered and 2,000 customers served even before its official launch, AmazeApp is on its way to becoming a culinary sensation. “Every chef brings something unique to the table, literally and metaphorically,” Justin says with a smile. “Our platform is  about both the chefs’ journeys and the dishes they serve.”

Private Dining Experience by Masterchef Christina Laker via AmazeApp

Facing Challenges with Grace

Justin’s journey hasn’t been without its obstacles. From personal struggles, including a period of homelessness, to the recent decline in demand for private chefs due to economic pressures, he has faced challenges that would have deterred a less determined person. “These experiences have only strengthened my resolve,” he says. “They’ve taught me the value of community and support, which is what AmazeApp is all about.”

A Call to Action

As we wrap up our conversation, Justin’s passion is palpable. He’s not just talking about a business; he’s talking about a movement. “I want AmazeApp to be a beacon of change in the hospitality industry,” he says. “But we also need to support each other, especially in these trying times.”

Justin’s story is more than an entrepreneurial success; it’s a reminder of the power of following your passion despite all odds. From the kitchens of Ballarat to the forefront of culinary innovation in Australia, Justin Summersgill, aka The Cheesecake Man, has shown that with resilience, creativity and a touch of sweetness, anything is possible.

Private Dining Experience by Masterchef Christina Laker via AmazeApp

In the world of AmazeApp, every meal is an adventure, every chef’s story is a lesson, and every dining experience is a step towards a more connected and passionate culinary community. So, if you are looking for more than just dinner wherever you are in Australia, Justin and his team of culinary artists from AmazeApp are ready to take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

As the culinary landscape continues to evolve, Justin Summersgill’s AmazeApp stands as a testament to the transformative power of food, passion and innovation. In a world craving connection and authenticity, AmazeApp is not just meeting a demand—it creates a new way to experience the art of dining, one delicious, personal story at a time.

Left: Justin Summersgill aka “The Cheesecake Man” | Right: Masterchef Christina Laker at the Private Dining Experience via AmazeApp


Who is Justin Summersgill?

Justin Summersgill, also known as The Cheesecake Man, is a former chef turned entrepreneur from Ballarat, who transitioned from a career in hospitality to creating AmazeApp, a platform connecting private chefs with food enthusiasts.

What inspired Justin to create AmazeApp?

After facing challenges in the hospitality industry including unfavourable working conditions and low pay, and then finding success with his online delivery service, The Cheesecake Man, during COVID, Justin was inspired to create AmazeApp to help chefs start their own private catering businesses and to disrupt the traditional hospitality model.

What is AmazeApp’s mission?

AmazeApp aims to connect people through food by offering more than just a dining experience. It enables customers to learn about the produce, the history of the cuisine, and the chef’s personal stories, turning dining into a journey.

How does AmazeApp work?

Customers can choose from a variety of chefs with curated menus based on their style and experience. Once a chef is confirmed, they take care of everything from sourcing the finest produce to sharing their food choices and techniques, providing a unique culinary experience.

How many chefs are currently registered with AmazeApp?

Over 100 chefs have registered on the platform, offering a wide range of culinary experiences to customers (Australia Wide).

How many customers has AmazeApp served?

AmazeApp has served over 2,000 customers Australia Wide during its pre-launch phase, showcasing its growing popularity and acceptance.

What makes AmazeApp different from other dining experiences?

AmazeApp focuses on creating a personal connection between the chef and the diner, offering insights into the culinary process and stories behind the dishes, making each dining experience unique and personal.

Can customers request customized menus?

Yes, while chefs have their own curated menus, customers have the flexibility to develop a menu that suits their tastes and preferences, ensuring a tailor-made dining experience.

What challenges has Justin faced with AmazeApp?

Despite the app’s success, Justin has noted a decline in the demand for private chefs, attributing this to increased interest rates and economic challenges, which he seeks to overcome with community support.

How can people support AmazeApp and local chefs?

Supporting AmazeApp and its registered chefs can be as simple as booking a dining experience through the app, recommending it to friends, or sharing their stories on social media to help grow the community and support local businesses.

Where can I know more about AmazeApp?

You can check out their website – AmazeApp and social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook

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