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Unveiling the Unparalleled Speed! Tesla Model X Plaid

Matt Watson, known for his channel Carwow, dives deep into the exhilarating experience of driving the Tesla Model X Plaid. Drawing comparisons to the iconic XB-70 Valkyrie nuclear bomber from the Cold War, Watson delves into every aspect of the electric SUV, from its design to its performance.

Watson begins by examining the Model X Plaid’s exterior design, noting its simplicity and aerodynamic shape. He praises its aggressive and purposeful appearance, comparing it favorably to its sibling, the Model Y. However, Watson expresses his reservations about the high price tag, ranging from £102,000 to £127,000.

Youtube: @carwow

Moving on to the interior, Watson describes the minimalist yet stylish design of the Model X Plaid. While he appreciates the overall aesthetic, he highlights some concerns about the build quality and fit and finish of certain elements. Watson points out the reliance on the central screen for controlling various functions, including the steering wheel adjustment and side mirrors, which he finds slightly cumbersome. Additionally, he highlights the inconveniences of using voice commands and locating the horn button in urgent situations. On a positive note, he praises the screen’s responsiveness and the multitude of features it offers, including Spotify, YouTube, and games.

Youtube: @carwow

Inside the cabin, Watson highlights the spaciousness and comfort of the Model X Plaid, particularly in the six-seat configuration he reviewed. However, he notes that the five-seater and seven-seater options may have limited headspace due to the low roofline. The reviewer appreciates the numerous storage compartments, cup holders, and wireless charging pads. He also mentions the car-sharing app Turo, through which he rented the Model X Plaid from its owner.

Watson explores the functionality of the rear seats and demonstrates the ease of access through the Falcon Wing doors. He highlights the adjustable seats, allowing passengers to find a comfortable position. In terms of cargo space, the Model X Plaid provides enough room with the third row of seats folded down, although Watson points out some irregularities in the trunk’s alignment and gaps.

Youtube: @carwow

The video proceeds to showcase the driving experience of the Model X Plaid. Watson discusses the excellent visibility provided by the large windshield and overall driving dynamics. He commends the smoothness and responsiveness of the brakes, while also mentioning the occasional firmness of the suspension. Watson points out that the car’s turning circle is relatively large but demonstrates its remarkable acceleration capabilities, showcasing its quick and effortless merging onto highways.

Youtube: @carwow

Highlighting the Model X Plaid’s phenomenal speed and traction, Watson emphasizes the impressive corner-exiting performance due to the vehicle’s torque vectoring. He also remarks on the car’s energy efficiency, achieving approximately 85% of its claimed range. However, he cautions about the potential overheating of the brakes during prolonged aggressive driving.

Watson concludes the video by testing the Model X Plaid’s acceleration, achieving a jaw-dropping 0-60 mph time of 2.82 seconds. He acknowledges the challenges faced by the tires in maintaining grip and anticipates even faster times on a better surface. Watson invites viewers to explore more of his videos and offers a link to Carwow for car sales and purchases.

Youtube: @carwow

With its remarkable speed, luxurious interior, and unique design features, the Tesla Model X Plaid continues to impress automotive enthusiasts and pave the way for the future of electric SUVs.

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