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Jay Leno’s $20 Million McLaren F1 Makeover: A 25-Year Journey of Passion and Precision

In a world where supercars are often admired from afar, tucked away in pristine garages more akin to museums, Jay Leno stands out by ensuring his prized possessions are not just for show. In a recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, the spotlight was on a car that transcends the definition of a classic: Leno’s McLaren F1. Celebrating 25 years of ownership, Leno embarked on a meticulous journey of detailing his $20 million McLaren F1, offering viewers a rare insight into the care and passion that goes into preserving an automotive masterpiece.

Jay Leno’s McLaren F1 isn’t just any car; it’s a beacon of engineering excellence and a symbol of Leno’s deep-seated love for automobiles. Over the years, this McLaren F1 has seen the open road more than most, defying the common fate of supercars that lead lives of quiet luxury. Leno, with his hands-on approach, has ensured that his McLaren F1 remains not only in pristine condition but also in regular use, embodying the spirit of driving.

The detailing process unveiled in the episode is a testament to Leno’s commitment to his collection. It involves a deep cleaning, paint detailing to remove slight swirl marks, and a thorough cleaning inside the wheel wells. The McLaren’s toolkit, a marvel in itself, hints at the exclusivity and attention to detail that comes with owning such a prestigious vehicle.

Chris and Jeremy, the experts behind Jay Leno’s General Car Care products, led the detailing process. Their meticulous approach began with lifting the car to access the wheels fully, followed by an intensive cleaning regimen that addressed every nook and cranny. The paint correction process, focused on maintaining the integrity of the car’s original paint, involved using the least aggressive pad and polish to enhance the car’s shine while preserving its history.

The discussion shifted towards the interior and the engine compartment, both of which were treated with the same level of care and precision as the exterior. The interior leather remains supple, a testament to the quality of materials used and the care provided over the years. The engine compartment, a marvel of engineering, is kept in immaculate condition, underscoring the McLaren F1’s status as a revolutionary vehicle that continues to stand the test of time.

Leno’s approach to maintaining his McLaren F1 goes beyond mere preservation; it’s about respecting the car’s legacy and ensuring it can be enjoyed as intended. This episode is not just a showcase of a detailing process but a reflection of Leno’s philosophy towards car ownership and preservation. It’s a reminder that cars like the McLaren F1 are more than just machines; they’re pieces of history that deserve to be celebrated and enjoyed.


What car was featured in the recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage?

Jay Leno detailed his McLaren F1.

How long has Jay Leno owned his McLaren F1?

He has owned it for 25 years.

What was the focus of the detailing process?

The process focused on deep cleaning, paint detailing, and cleaning inside the wheel wells.

Who helped Jay Leno with the detailing?

Chris and Jeremy from Jay Leno’s General Car Care products.

What makes the McLaren F1 special to Jay Leno?

Its engineering excellence and the fact that it gets driven regularly.

Why does Jay Leno drive his McLaren F1 regularly?

He believes in enjoying and preserving the car in a way that respects its legacy.

What is Jay Leno’s philosophy towards car ownership and preservation?

It’s about respecting the car’s legacy, ensuring it’s enjoyed as intended, and maintaining its condition for the joy of driving.

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