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Carstyle Crew Attends the Forest Lake Show And Shine

It was time to head with the crew to another corner of Brisbane, and check out some motoring delights!

Southwest headed, the Forest Lake Show And Shine has been around for a while. I somehow have not yet experienced the joy of attending and meeting the local enthusiast scene.

I arrived bang on time with some Carstyle Crew members and the turnout was looking to be good, despite the rain. Again…

As I parked up, the trend that is starting to take place occurred where a far superior Porsche parks up next to my little 718 S. But I could not have been happier as the car in question this time around was a Lizard Green 991 GT3RS! Complete with a colour matching factory Roll cage and 3 point racing harness.

As members of the crew greeted each other, I think the first thing that struck us all was the sheer variety of cars attending. But it was more than that; the amount of work and detail that was evident visually as well as under bonnet. A clear sign we are surrounded by passionate car people many of whom have spent years, some even decades transforming their cars into their dream machines. 

It was a morning to be a car nut, there was; Euro performance, Australian Muscle, American Muscle, Vintage, JDM heroes including a very rare Silvia convertible, and some British classics too. I was a tad excited to see the two Jensen Interceptors parked together. There is something about a British sports car with an American V8 (or any V8) under the hood!

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking here but I will say this….I have been going to car events for many years now and was astounded at how many cars were present that I had not previously seen at other events.

This presented a great excuse to speak to the owners and connect, while learning something new. As the photos can only try to convey, the atmosphere was warm and we all felt as though we could approach anyone and have a friendly conversation about their cars. A guy next to his 50 year old rare Holden restored to perfection, speaking with the owner of a McLaren. Brilliant.

I also looked back into my past as parents walked their children around, introducing them to this awesome world, their eyes filled with wonder and intrigue 

I definitely loved the sense of humour running through the community here, The 4078 crowd are a witty bunch, only adding to the friendly vibe. There is common ground between all age groups and tastes combining those who dream and those a few more chapters ahead who have reached theirs and share their pride and joys. 

On behalf of Carstyle Crew, I would love to thank Kylie Gates for being the long time organiser of the Forest Lake Show and Shine. Also, kudos to the local legends involved at the trading stands, and members of the car community of the Forest Lake area and beyond! It has been a great example where people from all walks of life come together to create fond memories and grow as a community.

Carstyle Crew look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Alex Takoushi
I have been an avid car enthusiast from a young age lucky enough to experience driving all types of cars from Classic American muscle, iconic JDM cars of the 90’s, to modern luxury and supercars. I moved to Brisbane from London in 2004 and I am an active member of the Brisbane car community, frequently attending events and networking with owners of a myriad of different cars, appreciated everyone’s unique story to tell. I have had the privilege or being a part of some car centric community groups such as Carstyle Crew, and Ferrari Club Australia. I love how the common passion of motoring brings people together who otherwise may never have met to create lasting friendships and experiences with our pride and joys. It is also an opportunity to give back to the community and it has been humbling to help organise fundraisers and community initiatives through car related events. During my early 20s I worked at a specialised motor sales operation founded by nationwide dealership giant AP Eagers where I sold some of the finest and rarest examples of American and Japanese sports cars in the world. The scale of the company meant no expense was spared sourcing the best cars from around the world and it was an amazing experience getting to know more about these cars and drive them. I have also experienced the joy of driving some more exotic machinery such as a Ferrari 360, F8 Tributo Spider, and my personal favourite; the 812 Superfast. Friends have taken me for drives in their own rare cars from vintage European classics to modern day supercars such as Mclarens, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, with manual examples too for that more raw experience. Cars to me are not just an example of human accomplishment, they connect me to others, and inspire me to become a more successful version of myself. It is a healthy love and I look forward to what experiences there are to come.


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