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Headlight Heists: Porsche Parts Under Siege

Recently I watched a story on a new crime wave happening predominantly in Europe and it primarily was focussed on Porches. The crime wave was Porsche owners claiming to be uber cool.. no I am kidding…The crime wave is the theft of not the cars – but their headlights, tail lamps and even front bumper sections!!!!!!

Why is this happening and what do members of our group need to potentially think about with your special car?

Source: reddit

Well it turns out they are being stolen because these parts are expensive – and in common demand.. But the real key is that these parts do not have individual part numbers. They have a general OEM part serial number – but not an individual item serial number.. So chasing or tracking these individual parts is basically impossible..

The popularity of this practice is in the speed, simplicity and consequence for the thief. However for the vehicle owner, it is traumatic, expensive and damned inconvenient. Time off the road for the car to be repaired and parts replaced.. Repairs perhaps not achieving OEM quality/equivalency and having to get around with some other vehicle – plus the insurance excess cost..

So how can members of our motoring community do to prevent this catching on here on Australia…..

Well the statistics are over 90% of these acts of automotive vandalism (as you’ll see from the photos) happened with vehicles parked out in the street or in the driveway… not in secured garages… (remember the theives want a quick “theft”) lock your precious babies away…

Anti-Theft systems – Consider fitting one over and above what OEM security your car has. This might not be a guaranteed deterrent but the right solution might slow the thief down enough to spook them and lead them to retreat.

Overall Vigilance – Be conscious of where you go and where you leave your car and for how long. Thieves are opportunists. The less the opportunity, the less chance you (your car) will become a target. Perhaps we could create a sticker to put on our cars that says – “Give You A Free Joy Ride If You Don’t Break-in Or Damage My Car… Ask Me How”…

So whether you own a Porsche, Ferrari, Mazda or Supra.. be mindful of this new car crime and avoid becoming part of the statistics…



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