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Twitter’s Office Memorabilia Hits the Auction Block: A Glimpse into the Past

As the winds of change sweep through the corridors of the company formerly known as Twitter, a unique opportunity arises for fans and collectors alike. X, now under the stewardship of Elon Musk, is embarking on a novel venture—auctioning off an assortment of memorabilia from the Twitter offices, offering a chance to own a piece of the platform’s history.

The auction, aptly dubbed the “Twitter Rebranding,” is set to commence on September 12, and it’s not just the mundane furniture that’s up for grabs. Art, eccentric oddities, and a sprinkle of nostalgia will be on the auction block, with some of the most remarkable items poised to fetch bids in the tens of thousands of dollars. This isn’t the first time such artifacts have found their way to the auction floor; earlier this year, memorabilia featuring the platform’s avian mascot, affectionately named Larry, commanded prices exceeding $20,000.

Credit: Heritage Global Partners

As we traverse the listings, a sense of wistfulness can’t help but wash over us. From guitars and phone booths to sofas and more, the eclectic collection tells a tale of Twitter’s vibrant past. Yet, as the platform metamorphoses under Musk’s vision, these mementos find themselves seeking new homes.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout pieces that are poised to make a mark in this unique auction.

1. Bird’s Eye View: The Enormous Twitter Bird Art Piece

Imagine strolling through your home and encountering a colossal Twitter bird. Standing nearly five feet tall, this avian marvel likely graced the halls of Twitter’s Boulder, Colorado office before the company’s eviction due to unpaid rent. A vibrant collage adorned with local landmarks, including the iconic Coors Field, this piece transcends mere artwork. It embodies the company’s spirit and its connection to its surroundings.

Credit: Heritage Global Partners
Credit: Heritage Global Partners

2. In Gilded Captivity: Life-Sized Birdcages

These aren’t your ordinary birdcages; they’re a whimsical twist on captivity. Imagine a gilded cage with a swing, complete with an open design. But wait, there’s more. An adjacent black cage beckons, where you can confine yourself within and experience a bird’s-eye view of life, complete with a resin-filled bowl mimicking water. It’s a metaphorical statement, inviting you to reflect on freedom and restraint, all encased in intricate design.

Credit: Heritage Global Partners
Credit: Heritage Global Partners

3. “What’s Happening?” The Mysterious Sign

Ah, the question that has accompanied countless tweets—”What’s happening?” This massive 34-foot-long sign celebrates this iconic prompt, replete with an enigmatic eyes emoji. One side showcases the slogan in all its blue glory, while the other, well, just the emoji. This visual duality plays with the notion of perception and hidden meanings. Standing tall, it might remind us that even as the platform transforms, some mysteries endure.

Credit: Heritage Global Partners
Credit: Heritage Global Partners

As we peruse these artifacts, it’s a curious feeling. It’s as if each piece tells a chapter of Twitter’s journey, a tale of evolution and reinvention. Amid Musk’s audacious vision, these relics find new life in the hands of collectors and enthusiasts. A beak here, a swing there—these items are more than mere objects; they’re fragments of the platform’s history.

Credit: Heritage Global Partners

So, as you explore the auction, consider what these artifacts represent. They’re not just furniture or art; they’re the remnants of a digital revolution, a tangible connection to a platform that shaped the way we communicate. In a world of tweets, hashtags, and trends, these pieces offer a glimpse into the origins of a phenomenon that changed the digital landscape forever.


  1. Who is overseeing the auction of Twitter’s memorabilia? The auction of Twitter’s memorabilia is being managed by X, the company now led by Elon Musk.
  2. What kind of items are up for auction? The auction includes a diverse array of items from the Twitter offices, ranging from art and furniture to unique oddities and artifacts.
  3. When does the “Twitter Rebranding” auction begin? The auction is scheduled to start on September 12.
  4. Have similar Twitter memorabilia been auctioned before? Yes, earlier this year, memorabilia featuring the platform’s mascot, Larry the bird, were auctioned for prices exceeding $20,000.
  5. What is the significance of this auction in light of Twitter’s recent changes? The auction of Twitter’s memorabilia offers a unique opportunity for fans and collectors to own a piece of the platform’s history as it undergoes transformation under the leadership of Elon Musk.


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