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Toyota GR Corolla Edges Closer to Reality with New Automatic Transmission Option

Toyota’s high-performance GR Corolla is stepping into the spotlight once again, this time with exciting news for car enthusiasts: the introduction of an automatic transmission option. This development promises to make the hot hatch more accessible to a broader audience, signaling a significant move for the Japanese automaker.

Embracing the Automatic Revolution

Currently, the Toyota GR Corolla is exclusively available with a manual gearbox, catering primarily to driving purists. However, recognizing the demand for automatic options, Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division is considering an 8-speed automatic transmission for the GR Corolla. This potential addition is poised to enhance the car’s appeal, especially in markets like North America, where automatic transmissions are more prevalent.

Gazoo Racing boss Tomoya Takahashi hinted at this possibility during a recent media briefing in Australia, noting that the introduction of an automatic variant could happen if there is enough customer demand. The move mirrors Toyota’s strategy with the GR Yaris, which also saw the addition of an automatic transmission following customer feedback​.

Enhancing Accessibility and Performance

An automatic GR Corolla would likely inherit the 8-speed automatic from the GR Yaris. This gearbox, known for its smooth shifts and efficiency, could make the GR Corolla quicker and easier to drive compared to its manual counterpart. The automatic transmission would also make the car more attractive to a wider range of drivers, including those who may not be comfortable with a manual gearbox.

Sean Hanley, head of sales and marketing for Toyota Australia, emphasized the potential market for an automatic GR Corolla, pointing out that automatic variants of other GR models, such as the GR Supra and GR86, have been well-received. In fact, the majority of buyers for these models opt for the automatic version, indicating a strong preference that could translate well to the GR Corolla​.

Competitive Edge in the Hot Hatch Market

The introduction of an automatic GR Corolla would enable Toyota to better compete with other performance-focused models like the VW Golf R, Subaru Impreza WRX, and Hyundai Elantra N. These models already offer automatic transmission options, and adding this feature to the GR Corolla could level the playing field and attract more buyers to Toyota’s high-performance lineup​.

Looking Ahead

As anticipation builds, Toyota remains committed to listening to its customers and adapting its offerings to meet their needs. The addition of an automatic transmission to the GR Corolla represents a strategic move to broaden the car’s appeal and ensure it remains competitive in the hot hatch segment.

Source: (Toyota USA Newsroom)​​ (Carscoops)​

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