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TikToker’s Toothpick Prank Leaves Viewers Hanging

In a recent viral video that has taken TikTok by storm, Alan Liew, known for his humorous content, claimed to have discovered a mind-boggling trick involving three toothpicks. Liew’s video quickly gained attention, with many intrigued users eagerly waiting to witness the impossible square formation using just three toothpicks.

Alan Liew’s video begins innocently enough as he places three toothpicks on a table and attempts various arrangements. However, keen-eyed viewers soon realized that something was amiss. The video cleverly looped, giving the illusion that Liew was on the verge of uncovering the secret to the three-toothpick square, only to reset and repeat the process endlessly. The comedic effect was heightened by intermittent shots of Liew’s increasingly frustrated and bewildered expressions.


Took me while 😅👌Cr: @viettrann #square #iqtest #pen #smart #challenge #toothpick

♬ . – viet tran

Although some TikTokers were initially perplexed and eagerly awaited the big reveal, many quickly caught on to Alan Liew’s prank. Rather than feeling deceived, viewers embraced the humorous twist and displayed a lighthearted attitude towards the video. Ultimately, the prank video garnered a staggering 9.2 million views, highlighting its widespread popularity and the good-natured response it received.

One viewer amusingly remarked, after investing significant time into watching the video, “Did anyone else just watch this for a literal hour to see what happens?” Another user admitted spending a few minutes watching before turning to the comments section for answers. Comments flooded in, with users playfully urging Alan Liew to finally crack the enigma of the three-toothpick square.

While Alan Liew’s toothpick prank may not have delivered on its promise, it succeeded in entertaining TikTok users and eliciting a collective sense of amusement. The video serves as a reminder to approach extraordinary claims with a healthy dose of skepticism, even in the age of viral challenges and intriguing TikTok trends.

Alan Liew also made it to Yahoo! News

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