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Not a good idea: Tesla model 3 driving through flood waters

In a daring display that has sparked widespread concern, a Tesla Model 3 was captured on film navigating through floodwaters in San Diego, challenging both the vehicle’s capabilities and common sense. The footage, which quickly circulated online after being shared on X (formerly Twitter), showcases the electric sedan attempting a risky traverse through a submerged roadway—a decision that has left viewers questioning the driver’s judgment.

The incident, recorded and shared on January 24, 2024, by an onlooker with the handle @NTFTWX, illustrates the Tesla Model 3 as it progressively sinks deeper into the floodwaters. Miraculously, the vehicle emerges on the other side, leaving the internet to speculate on any immediate or lasting damage sustained by the car. The video’s caption, “A Tesla Model 3 was seen driving through floodwaters over in San Diego yesterday… I think I made the right choice,” reflects a mix of disbelief and relief from the person behind the camera.

Tesla’s official stance on such matters is clear. According to the company’s warranty information, exposure to flooding, extreme weather conditions, or submersion in water—particularly saltwater—should be treated with the same caution as if the vehicle had been in an accident. Owners are advised to contact their insurance provider for assistance as water damage is not covered under Tesla’s warranty. This disclaimer underscores the potential financial and safety risks taken by the driver in the video.

The reckless decision to navigate floodwaters not only jeopardizes the vehicle’s integrity but also places the driver at risk of incurring significant costs. Damage from water, especially when deliberate, falls outside the scope of Tesla’s warranty, leaving owners to bear the full brunt of repair or replacement expenses.

This incident has reignited discussions about the resilience of electric vehicles (EVs) in extreme weather conditions. While Tesla owners have discovered innovative ways to tackle the challenges of icy winters, the consensus around navigating floodwaters leans towards avoidance. Past reports have highlighted instances where severe weather has inflicted damage on Tesla vehicles, further emphasizing the importance of exercising caution and prioritizing safety over curiosity or the thrill of testing a vehicle’s limits.

As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, understanding their limitations and adhering to safety guidelines becomes paramount. The allure of showcasing an EV’s performance capabilities should not override the principles of responsible driving and the adherence to manufacturer warnings. The Tesla Model 3’s successful passage through the flood may have been fortunate this time, but it serves as a cautionary tale for drivers tempted to test their vehicles against the forces of nature.


Can Tesla vehicles drive through floodwaters?

While some Tesla vehicles have been seen navigating floodwaters, it is not recommended due to safety risks and potential vehicle damage.

What does Tesla’s warranty say about water damage?

Tesla’s warranty explicitly states that damage caused by water is not covered, advising owners to treat vehicles exposed to flooding as if they had been in an accident.

Are there any known hacks for Tesla vehicles in extreme weather?

Tesla owners have shared various tips for managing icy conditions, but the consensus advises against driving in floodwaters.

What are the risks of driving an electric vehicle through floods?

Beyond potential damage to the vehicle, there are safety risks for the driver, including the possibility of electrical system failure and loss of vehicle control.

What could happen to a Tesla vehicle’s warranty if it’s driven through floodwaters?

Driving through floodwaters and causing water damage may void parts of the vehicle’s warranty related to the incurred damages.

Is it more dangerous to drive an electric vehicle through water than a conventional car?

Both types of vehicles face risks when driving through floodwaters, but electric vehicles have additional considerations due to their electrical systems and batteries.

Can floodwater damage the battery of a Tesla?

Yes, floodwater can potentially damage the battery and electrical components of a Tesla, leading to significant repair costs.

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