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Mazda is Reviving the Rotary Engine!

Mazda Motor Corporation is making waves with its renewed focus on the development of rotary engines. Known for their uniqueness and compact design, rotary engines, or REs, have been a topic of fascination and nostalgia for car enthusiasts worldwide. Mazda’s decision to ramp up its efforts in this area signals a bold step towards aligning with contemporary needs while also contributing to a carbon-neutral future.

The Renaissance of Mazda’s Rotary Engine

After a hiatus that left many wondering about the fate of this iconic engine design, Mazda has officially rekindled its commitment to the rotary engine. The formation of the new RE Development Group, comprising 36 dedicated engineers, marks a significant milestone for Mazda. This initiative is not just about revisiting a beloved technology; it’s about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in automotive engineering.

The last Mazda vehicle to sport a rotary engine, the RX-8 Spirit R, ceased production in 2012. Its discontinuation left a void in the hearts of many, sparking eager anticipation for what Mazda might bring to the table next. While the company has not explicitly committed to launching a new rotary sports car, the signals are strong that Mazda is not done with this technology just yet.

A Glimpse into the Future: The Iconic SP

At the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2024, Mazda’s president and CEO, Katsuhiro Moro, teased the possibility of a vehicle that would follow in the revered tracks of the legendary RX-7 and RX-8. This prospective car, tentatively dubbed the “Iconic SP,” has stirred excitement among fans and the automotive community. Unlike its predecessors, the new rotary engine concept is envisioned to serve primarily as a generator, a notable shift from powering the wheels directly.

This innovative approach suggests a two-rotor engine capable of running on a variety of fuels, including petrol, hydrogen, and renewable fuels. The engine would power a battery that could also be charged via a household outlet, boasting an impressive 365 horsepower and an evenly distributed weight across its axles. The aim is to offer a dynamic driving experience that aligns with Mazda’s legacy of producing cars that resonate with driving enthusiasts.

Mazda’s Innovative Spirit and Design Philosophy

Mashi Nakayama, the chief designer, hinted at the potential for downsizing the vehicle to the dimensions of an MX-5 Miata, showcasing Mazda’s commitment to innovation and engineering excellence. This project, if it moves forward, would mark the 13th Mazda car to feature a rotary engine, reaffirming the company’s pioneering spirit in exploring alternative powertrains.

A Few Years from Reality

As exciting as the prospect of a new rotary engine vehicle is, it’s important to note that this project is still in the early stages of development. With the RE Development Group only recently announced, any production version of the Iconic SP or a similar concept is likely a few years away from becoming a reality. Nonetheless, Mazda’s initiative is a clear indicator of the automotive industry’s ongoing transformation towards more sustainable and innovative solutions.

Mazda’s revival of the rotary engine is a bold declaration of its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the sheer joy of driving. As the automotive industry marches towards a carbon-neutral future, initiatives like Mazda’s serve as a reminder of the importance of embracing new technologies while honouring the legacy of iconic designs. Car enthusiasts and environmental advocates alike have reason to be excited about Mazda’s journey ahead, as it promises to blend tradition with forward-thinking engineering.


What is a rotary engine?

A rotary engine is a type of internal combustion engine that utilizes rotors instead of pistons for combustion.

Why is Mazda focusing on rotary engines again?

Mazda aims to align with modern environmental standards and contribute to a carbon-neutral future while leveraging the unique benefits of rotary engines.

What was the last Mazda car to have a rotary engine?

The RX-8 Spirit R was the last model to feature a rotary engine, with production ending in 2012.

Has Mazda announced a new rotary sports car?

While Mazda has not officially committed to launching a new rotary sports car, the company has teased the potential for future vehicles incorporating this technology.

What is the Iconic SP?

The Iconic SP is a concept vehicle teased by Mazda that would feature a rotary engine serving primarily as a generator.

Can the new rotary engine run on different fuels?

Yes, the envisioned rotary engine for the Iconic SP is capable of running on petrol, hydrogen, and renewable fuels.

How powerful would the new rotary engine be?

The proposed engine for the Iconic SP is expected to boast 365 horsepower.

What is Mazda’s approach to sustainability?

Mazda is focusing on developing technologies that contribute to a carbon-neutral future, including the use of renewable fuels and innovative engine designs.

When can we expect a new Mazda car with a rotary engine?

Any new Mazda car featuring a rotary engine is likely a few years from production, given the recent formation of the RE Development Group.

How does Mazda’s rotary engine initiative fit into the automotive industry’s trends?

Mazda’s initiative aligns with the industry’s shift towards sustainability and innovation, exploring alternative powertrains that offer both environmental benefits and driving pleasure.




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