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How to get the Invite-Only Luxury Credit Card: American Express Centurion Card (Black Card)

Credit card expert Brian shares insights on how to obtain the highly exclusive American Express Centurion Card, also known as the “Black Card.” The Centurion Card is a prestigious invite-only credit card designed for ultra-wealthy individuals who indulge in lavish spending. With a hefty initiation fee of $10,000 and an annual fee of $5,000, this card offers extravagant benefits and privileges.

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The card boasts a world-class personal assistance program, providing exclusive services such as reservations, gift deliveries worldwide, and unparalleled access to unique services. Rumors even suggest that the dedicated phone line for Centurion Card holders rings only once. Brian humorously compares the card to the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh, emphasizing its revered status in the credit card world.

Youtube: @Jungernaut

While obtaining the American Express Centurion Card is challenging, it is not impossible. Brian outlines several crucial steps for aspiring cardholders. First and foremost, one must be a good standing cardholder with American Express, ensuring a clean payment record without any missed payments. Holding an American Express card for a minimum of one year is recommended. Contrary to common belief, simply having substantial funds with a competitor will not attract an invitation. It is crucial to own an American Express card and meet certain spending thresholds.

The next step is to ensure sufficient income is stated on the American Express personal account. This can be done by updating the income information through the account services section. Although people often exaggerate their income, it is vital to provide accurate details, as American Express may verify the information during a financial review process.

Youtube: @Jungernaut

Meeting the minimum spending requirement is another essential criterion for Centurion Card eligibility. While American Express does not publicly state a specific spending threshold, evidence suggests that spending at least $250,000 across all Amex accounts is typically required for an invitation. However, there are two versions of the Centurion Card—personal and business—and the spending requirements may vary.

Brian points out that the rules for obtaining the Centurion Card have changed in 2023, with anecdotal evidence suggesting higher spending thresholds. Some individuals have reported spending $500,000 or more annually for multiple years without receiving an invitation. Furthermore, the required spend for the business version of the card is even higher, potentially reaching $1 million or more annually. Living in affluent areas like Los Angeles or Miami may also affect the spending requirements, with higher thresholds for residents in these regions.

For those unable to spend exorbitant amounts, Brian provides alternative strategies. Building a relationship with someone within American Express, such as attending events or connecting through social media, can potentially increase the chances of receiving an invitation. Contacting customer support or specific departments that handle Centurion Card qualifications may also be helpful.

Finally, individuals can submit a manual invite request through the dedicated website portal for American Express Centurion Card holders. By providing personal information and Amex card details, applicants increase their visibility within the system and improve their chances of receiving an invitation.

Brian concludes by acknowledging the difficulty of obtaining the American Express Centurion Card and suggests exploring other valuable options, such as the American Express Platinum Card, which offers substantial benefits for a lower annual fee.

Aspiring Centurion Card holders are advised to exercise persistence and explore various avenues to secure this elusive credit card.

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