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Japanese Man Fulfilling His Dream as a ‘Dog’ Goes Viral

In a heartwarming yet peculiar tale, a Japanese man known as “Toco” has captured the internet’s attention after living out his childhood dream of becoming a dog. Toco, whose real identity remains hidden, spent a staggering $15,700 to commission a lifelike rough collie costume from the model and sculpture company Zeppet. The dream of becoming a canine has driven Toco to create unique content on his YouTube channel, where he has amassed around 31,000 subscribers.

Recently, Toco shared a fascinating video of his first-ever public walk in his dog persona. In the five-minute video, he showcases his exceptional skills in embodying a four-legged furball. Surrounded by people and other dogs, Toco’s appearance is met with a mix of fascination and surprise. While many viewers commend him for bravely living his dream, others express shock and bewilderment at the sight.

Dogs and people’s reactions to seeing a realistic dog costume! Youtube @I_want_to_be_an_animal

Despite the global fame he attained, Toco remains cautious about revealing his identity, particularly to coworkers and friends. He expressed concern that his hobbies might be perceived as strange by those around him. Nonetheless, Toco’s dedication to his dream has struck a chord with supportive fans who urge others to embrace open-mindedness and acceptance of individual passions and pursuits.

The viral video not only captures Toco’s joyous experience but also serves as a reminder that dreams come in all shapes and forms. Celebrating the uniqueness of each individual’s aspirations fosters a more inclusive and compassionate world, allowing people to be true to themselves without fear of judgment.



  1. Who is Toco, and why has he become famous? Toco is a Japanese man who fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a dog by commissioning a lifelike collie costume. He gained fame through his YouTube channel, where he documents his journey as a human-dog.
  2. How much did Toco spend on his dog costume? Toco spent $15,700 to have a realistic rough collie costume made by the company Zeppet.
  3. Does Toco reveal his identity to others? No, Toco remains anonymous and is careful not to reveal his identity, especially to coworkers and friends, to avoid potential judgment.
  4. How have people reacted to Toco’s video? Toco’s video has received a mix of reactions, with some viewers praising his courage and others expressing surprise and confusion.
  5. What message do supportive fans convey regarding Toco’s journey? Supportive fans encourage open-mindedness and acceptance of individual dreams, highlighting the importance of embracing uniqueness without judgment.
Dogs and people’s reactions to seeing a realistic dog costume! Youtube: @I_want_to_be_an_animal
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