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Hit the Road with Valtteri Bottas: Uber Carshare Launches F1 Star’s Ultimate Aussie Road Trip Ute!

Uber Carshare has teamed up with racing sensation and honorary Australian, Valtteri Bottas, to offer an unparalleled experience for those itching for an Easter getaway. Valtteri, renowned for his lightning-fast reflexes on the track, is sharing his love for Australia and road trips by loaning his customised ‘second’ car—an iconic ute packed with all the Aussie essentials—through Uber Carshare.

From Friday, 22 March to Friday, 12 April 2024, in Melbourne, this unique vehicle will be available for FREE* on the Uber Carshare app. It’s a rare opportunity to hit the road in a car that’s been meticulously tailored by a Formula One star, reflecting his appreciation for Australia’s vast landscapes and spirited road trip culture.

Racing legend Valtteri Bottas’ ‘second’ car is now available on Uber Carshare | Credit: Uber Carshare

Valtteri, who spends his off-seasons exploring the diverse terrains of Australia, has infused the ute with features that encapsulate the essence of an Aussie road trip. Equipped with mullet aeration technology, a meat pie warmer, an esky for chilled drinks, a bike rack, a detachable hills hoist, a freshwater shower, and dispensers for sunscreen and bug repellent, this car is a testament to Valtteri’s deep connection with the country and its people. “This is a beautiful country and Aussies have welcomed me with open arms. I want to repay this love by loaning them my ‘second’ car – the ultimate road trip car – while I’m busy racing my first car,” Valtteri shared.

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Recognizing the Aussies’ penchant for getaway adventures during the Easter long weekend and school holidays, Uber Carshare (previously Car Next Door) Co-founder, Will Davies, highlighted the essence of the partnership. “We’re Australia’s home of second cars – over ten thousand road-trip-worthy cars available across Australia and bookable in minutes,” Davies said, acknowledging that not everyone’s first car is cut out for their adventurous plans.

For those unable to snag Valtteri’s ‘second’ car, the racing legend has personally endorsed ten Uber Carshare vehicles across Australia with the “VB seal of road trip-approval,” ensuring a variety of options for every kind of explorer. The first to book these select vehicles will be treated to a free VB ‘road trip kit,’ complete with all the essentials for a memorable journey.

Racing legend Valtteri Bottas’ ‘second’ car is now available on Uber Carshare | Credit: Uber Carshare

To dive into this unique road trip experience or to explore other Valtteri ‘roadtrip-approved’ cars, simply head to the Uber Carshare app or their blog for more details. This partnership not only celebrates the spirit of adventure but also brings a slice of racing glory to the everyday traveler, making this Easter an unforgettable experience.

For those ready to embrace the open road with the flair of a Formula One star, book Valtteri Bottas’ ‘second’ car on Uber Carshare and gear up for an adventure that promises the ultimate in driving pleasure and exploration.

[Source: Uber]

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