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Can Naming Your Business “Thai Food Near Me” Really Trick Google? The Sneaky SEO Game

Have you ever been so hungry that you desperately searched for “Thai food near me” on Google, hoping to find the perfect spot? Well, some clever minds in New York City took advantage of that very search query, naming their restaurant “Thai Food Near Me” to potentially game the system. But did it work, or did Google see through the culinary ruse? Let’s dive into this digital culinary adventure.

Unveiling the Digital Culinary Conspiracy

In the vast world of the internet, where every business competes for a coveted spot on Google’s front page, a New York City restaurant took an unconventional approach. The establishment boldly named itself “Thai Food Near Me” with the sneaky intention of luring in hungry Googlers who might just type those exact words. It’s an interesting strategy, reminiscent of an old Volkswagen bus cruising through the laid-back vibes of California.

The idea caught on, and now it seems like everyone wants a piece of the SEO pie. Plumbers, dentists, and even notaries across the United States are adopting similar tactics. They’re naming their businesses things like “Affordable Dentist Repair Me” and creating a plethora of versions of “Notary Near Me” to boost their chances of showing up higher in Google search results. The question is, does this digital trickery really work?

The Verdict: Playing by the Rules or Gaming the System?

While this clever naming strategy might get a chuckle from internet users, it raises some eyebrows at Google headquarters. Does it align with the fundamental purpose of Google Search, or is it just a clever workaround? The Verge recently published a compelling report on this emerging trend, shedding light on the multitude of businesses trying to outsmart the search giant.

Some argue that this isn’t the essence of what Google Search should be about. If naming your business something catchy gets you higher on the search ladder, does it mean the system is flawed? After all, a good name doesn’t necessarily mean good food, right? Google, however, seems unfazed, even asserting that businesses adopting such names are mostly notable due to news articles discussing their attempts at gaining publicity through unconventional means.

Thai Food Near Me

The Quirky Side of SEO: A Good Name Doesn’t Guarantee Quality

While the names might be quirky and humorous, the core question remains: does having a catchy name boost the quality of the service or product? Naming a dental repair service “Affordable Dentist Repair Me” may get attention, but does it ensure that you’re getting skilled dentistry? Google seems to walk a fine line, acknowledging the humour and creativity but still focusing on the substance beneath the name.

It’s reminiscent of a situation where you open a new restaurant and name it “Nice Guys You Can Take Home to Your Mom.” It might garner a few laughs, but does it guarantee a delightful dining experience? The debate between playing by the SEO rules and gaming the system for attention continues.

It’s All About the Publicity

Google’s stance on this peculiar trend is quite interesting. The search engine giant seems to view it as a way for businesses to gain publicity. Being talked about in the news for adopting unconventional naming practices, such as naming your restaurant after a common search query, does seem like a surefire way to grab attention. Google’s algorithm, however, seems to remain impartial to such antics, as the underlying goal is to provide users with relevant and useful information.

A Blend of Humour, Strategy, and Google’s Algorithm

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, where businesses strive to outwit algorithms and climb the digital ladder, the “Thai Food Near Me” saga adds a touch of humour and strategy. While some may argue it’s a quirky way to gain attention, others might see it as a deviation from the core purpose of Google Search.

As we navigate the digital landscape, one thing is clear: a good name might grab eyeballs, but the substance behind that name is what keeps customers coming back. So, whether you’re searching for Thai food, a reliable plumber, or an affordable dentist repair service, it’s always wise to look beyond the name and delve into the reviews and offerings.


1. Does naming your business creatively impact its Google search ranking?

While it might catch attention, Google suggests that such names gain prominence mostly due to news articles discussing their unconventional approach. [Source: The Verge]

2. Can any business use this strategy, or is it limited to certain industries?

Businesses across various sectors, from restaurants to dentists, seem to be adopting this naming trend in an attempt to boost their search rankings.

3. Is Google okay with this naming strategy, or does it view it negatively?

Google seems relatively unbothered, attributing the trend to businesses seeking publicity through creative naming strategies. [Source: The Verge]

4. Does having a catchy name guarantee the quality of the service or product?

Google’s algorithm remains impartial, emphasizing that a good name should be complemented by the quality of the service or product.

5. Are there any rules or guidelines from Google regarding business names?

Google has guidelines for business names, emphasizing accuracy and transparency, but the enforcement of these guidelines can be challenging.

6. Are there other unconventional SEO strategies that businesses are adopting?

Yes, businesses are continually exploring creative ways to enhance their SEO, including unique content, interactive websites, and social media engagement.

7. How does Google determine the relevance of search results beyond business names?

Google uses complex algorithms that consider factors like website content, user experience, relevance, and authority to determine the ranking of search results.

8. Can businesses change their names frequently to manipulate search rankings?

While businesses can change their names, frequent changes may impact their credibility, and Google’s algorithm may adapt to such tactics.

9. Are there industries where this naming strategy might be more effective?

Industries that rely heavily on local searches, such as restaurants and service providers, might find this strategy more impactful in gaining local visibility.

10. How can businesses strike a balance between creativity and SEO best practices?

Balancing creativity and SEO involves creating a memorable brand while ensuring alignment with Google’s guidelines, providing accurate information to users.

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