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Australia’s Crazy Private Supercar Collection Just Got CRAZIER! [150+ Cars] – @seenthroughglass YouTube

In a heart-stopping turn of events, Australia’s already mind-blowing private supercar collection has not just expanded—it’s exploded! If you haven’t witnessed the jaw-dropping spectacle yet, head over to YouTube and watch the adrenaline-pumping video by @seenthroughglass titled “Australia’s Crazy Private Supercar Collection Just Got CRAZIER! [150+ Cars]”.

The Journey Unfolds

As the video begins, the viewer is immediately thrown into the chaos of roaring engines and the visual feast of an expansive supercar haven in Perth, Australia. The setting, as described by the host, is the final stop of an epic Australian adventure, a culmination of a journey that started in Sydney.

The Lee Collection: From Wild to Wilder

Enter the Lee Collection, a name synonymous with vehicular extravagance. Just 12 months ago, this collection was already dubbed the “craziest, most wild supercar collection in Australia.” Fast forward to the present, and the collection has not just doubled—it’s potentially tripled in size.

New Additions, New Horizons

Sam takes the audience on a visual tour of the latest additions. Among them, two mesmerizing versions of the Mercedes McLaren SLR stand out. One, a Daniel Ricciardo-inspired honey badger SLR MSO Edition, and the other, a refurbished SLR with a McLaren Heritage touch. The collection isn’t just about quantity; it’s about curated excellence.

Lambos, Liberty Walk, and LaFerrari: A Symphony of Supercars

The collection has embraced Lamborghinis with open arms. A cache, an Aventador with a Countach body, steals the spotlight in Stormtrooper white. Meanwhile, a Liberty Walk GTR, sans the wing, adds a touch of elegance to the vibrant lineup.

And then, the trio that needs no introduction: Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and McLaren Elva. These aren’t just cars; they’re legends of modern automotive history. The juxtaposition of the launch spec LaFerrari and the stealthy P1 is automotive poetry.

From Classics to Customizations: GT2 RS, 430 Scud, and Mansory F8

The collection pays homage to the classics with the arrival of a Porsche 997.2 GT2 RS, a monstrous machine that spins its wheels into fourth gear, relentlessly wanting to unleash its power. Meanwhile, a Ferrari 430 Scuderia stands proudly among the modern titans.

However, what truly embodies the collection’s spirit is the Mansory F8. A Ferrari F8 Spider with an XX kit, Novatech Roso Wheels, and a design that pays homage to the FXX K Evo. It’s the embodiment of customization reaching new heights.

Beyond the Asphalt: Sand Dunes and SUV Madness

The collection doesn’t confine itself to sleek tracks or pristine showrooms. It embraces the wild with a plan to conquer sand dunes. The host introduces a lineup that includes a Range Rover, G Wagons, a V8 Defender, a Raptor, and a unique 911.

However, the adventure takes an unexpected turn as cars get stuck in the sand. Chaos ensues as rescue attempts involving Chevy trucks and daring maneuvers unfold. It’s not just a supercar collection; it’s an adventure waiting to happen.

Beyond Supercars—An Experience Unmatched

As the day unfolds, from the pristine showroom to the unpredictable sands, the Lee Collection proves that it’s not just about cars; it’s about pushing boundaries, embracing the unexpected, and living the automotive dream. With each addition, each customization, and every daring adventure, this collection cements its place not just as a garage but as an evolving experience that captivates enthusiasts worldwide.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many cars are currently in the Lee Collection?

As of now, the Lee Collection boasts an astonishing 121 cars, with plans to reach 180-190 by the end of 2024.

2. What is the inspiration behind the customizations, like the Mansory F8?

The Lee Collection embraces customization as part of its roots, drawing inspiration from JDM and Auto Salon backgrounds. The Mansory F8, for instance, mimics the FXX K Evo.

3. Are these cars merely for display, or do they get driven?

One of the remarkable aspects of the Lee Collection is that the cars aren’t just for show—they get driven. The collection’s ethos includes modifying and actively driving these high-performance machines.

4. Are there additions to the collection that haven’t been mentioned in the video?

Indeed, the collection extends beyond what’s showcased in the video. With cars in London, including the Mansory Veyron and Chiron Super Sport, the Lee Collection is continually growing.

5. What’s the significance of taking supercars to sand dunes?

The decision to take the supercars, including SUVs, to the sand dunes adds an element of unpredictability and adventure. It showcases that the Lee Collection isn’t confined to traditional spaces but is a dynamic experience waiting to unfold.

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